5 eighth notes in Luxembourg's Pizzicato magazine !

"The main theme of French harpist Claire Augier de Lajallet's CD Memories is nature, « and water and desert are the two extremes, » says the soloist, « from Canadian rivers to Arctic icebergs, through the Middle East and homage to the maqamat, a traditional musical instrument, to Turkey with memories of the Hittites. »

Several pieces are by contemporary composers, others by those who lived in the 20th century. There is no music that would be considered avant-garde. All the works are melodic. In accordance with the theme, there is a lot of nostalgia in the program, a lot of thoughtfulness, with positive and negative feelings, which the harpist expresses sensitively. The CD thus provides the listener with a pervasive atmosphere of trust, peace and fulfillment. Especially in our time this is a welcome enrichment."

You can find Remy Franck's article here.

"With a crystalline, luminous sound, but with a certain depth Claire Augier de Lajallet takes us far away, transporting us from the Arctic to the Middle East and continually playing on the edge of emotions."

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"This is a highly original program, interpreted with such musicality that one almost regrets that she abandoned the piano at an early age to devote herself to the harp...[...] Once again, Claire Augier de Lajallet displays a rare musicality on an instrument that is also very well recorded."

Thierry Vagnet's article is available (in French) here.

"Memories" is disc of the day in the France Musique program "En pistes!" on Radio France!

"Memories is a beautiful, poetic record by a musician alone with her harp. Claire Augier de Lajallet sings of nature through a play of colors and very different works".

Listen to the program for Friday June 16, 2023, featuring Giovanni Caramiello's "Rimembranza di Napoli" and "The River Rimembers", as well as Emilie Munera's presentation of the CD here.


"Claire Augier de Lajallet, the harpist who dreams of the wilderness" by François Mauger, editor-in-chief of 4'33 magazine.

"Claire Augier de Lajallet combines intimate reminiscences and wild worlds, on an instrument that one would never have imagined in this register...".

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"Claire Augier de Lajallet's harp is a bit like having a sound box grafted onto it. Following Edmar Castaneda's example in jazz, the French harpist brilliantly illustrates the wide tonal range of her instrument, as well as its rhythmic and dynamic capacities.

This album is also an ode to nature and travel, while avoiding the pitfall of over-simplification found in some new age compositions."

Read the full review by Joel Chevassus for Audiophile Magazine here.

Corsican radio station "Voce nustrale" played Giovanni Caramiello's "Rimembranza di Napoli" on August 5 and 8, 2023 in its program 1 2 3. "The piece calls for the virtuosity of the performer".

Click here for the complete program.

In her wonderful disc Memories, French harpist Claire Augier de Lajallet introduces us to new music inspired by nature, particularly the power of water. (...)  Her style is an open book, expressive and present as if she herself is standing in an eddy with water splashing about her. (...) Playing with simplicity and a full heart Augier de Lajallet shines on this "wild and headstrong" piece, bringing her gusto and bravura to the fore. 

You can find Alison Young's article for the harp magazine Harp Column here.

At the heart of this album is a fascinating blend of styles ranging from neo-classical to neo-romantic, a fusion that creates a soundscape both timeless and innovative. (...)

"Memories' is not just an album of classical music, but a work of art that speaks to the soul. Claire Augier de Lajallet demonstrates not only her technical mastery of the harp, but also her ability to convey profound emotions through her instrument. (...)"

Read Aaron Utbach's full review for Arts et Sens Magazine (in French) here.

"This artist plays the harp as well as travels: temporal, interior, musical of course".

Read the full article (in French) by Frederick Casadesus published on August 24, 2023 on the Mediapart Blog here.

"It is on a beautiful journey that Claire Augier de Lajallet, a talented harpist, and her harp take us".

Find Louise Charpentier's Rapsodie in the May 28, 2023 "Symphonie des notes" program here, and Giovanni Caramiello's "Rimembranza di Napoli" in the June 11 program here."