Claire Augier de Lajallet


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A creative harpist

Claire Augier de Lajallet is praised as a very eclectic and passionate musician; she plays various projects as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, from Baroque to Contemporary music.

Since she was eight, the French harpist Claire Augier de Lajallet has been playing the harp. She trained with various musicians from Paris to Vancouver via Milan and is now based between France and Germany. This international training allows her to perform as a harpist in solo and chamber music concerts. Claire Augier de Lajallet obtained her Master's degree in harp in 2019 at the University of Music (Musikhochschule) in Munich in the class of Prof. Cristina Bianchi. Before that, she studied at the Musikhochschule in Würzburg in the class of Prof. Andreas Mildner, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in harp in 2017.

She has three different harps: a Salvi concert harp, a Camac Celtic harp, and a Simon Capp baroque harp. She is always enthusiastic about participating in new musical adventures and setting up new projects.

She is the harpist in Trio Fleurs d'or, with flute and viola, and in Duo Etoiles, with flute. She has recently founded the Duo La Mer with her pianist friend Fruzsina Lugosi. She recently became a member of the Ensemble Biblische Lieder, which performs compositions by Peter Schneider and has produced a Christmas CD. Another CD will be released in 2022.

Claire has just registered her debut solo CD "Memories" which will be released in June 2023 with Klarthe Records.

She often plays as supplementary harp in several renewed orchestras.

The harpist is also known for her teaching skills and gives private lessons in her music studio in Munich Ostbahnhof.

Claire is keen to bring music to places where it is lacking: trained in this spirit by the Live Music Now Foundation, she plays at the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Munich for patients undergoing palliative care.

As a citizen concerned with preserving the environment and fighting global warming, Claire is a signatory of the Climate Music Action initiative and a member of the group Musicians for Climate.

To learn more about harpist Claire Augier de Lajallet, read her biography, and don't hesitate to contact her!